Pyro Studios

Pyro Studios is leading in development of Wii technology. We do not providee a Bet365 bonus code for example, but we create a range of in-house tools able to take Wii resources to the maximum level of quality in terms of graphics, programming and performance. The main characteristics and the services that provide these tools are:

What we do

  • 3D Studio Max Fully integrated Framework.
  • Proved Fully-functional production pipelines.
  • Powerful and flexible animation tools. (Animation Graphs, Model viewer, etc.)
  • 3D Studio Max cut-scenes direct exportation.
  • Amazing post-process capabilities. (DOF, MotionB, Bloom, Etc.)
  • Free-roaming Grid-based streaming system for huge environments.
  • Complete set of profiling and performance tools.
  • User-friendly Integrated LOD system.
  • Powerful real time lighting and pre-calculated baking.
  • Hierarchical tree behaviours visual edition tool, for AI scripting and Quests management.
  • Complex particle system visual edition tool.
  • Complete Memory management visual tools, for memory use optimization.
  • Real time physics, Havock Integrated.
  • Awesome audio possibilities, FMOD libraries.

This technology, and the experience and abilities of the team, explains why Wii games from Pyro Studios are totally different and one step ahead.

You just have to watch and play our games to realize the quality we deliver.